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On the end of year 2013, as usual I’m posting several Wrap-Up Post on my Reading Challenge. But for fun, this time I’m joining (again) 2013 Book Caleidoscope host by Fanda. The main idea is to select which one is your favorite or choose for the themes provide by Fanda. Want to have some fun during holidays ? Let’s joining this whole event for five days straight to welcoming new year eve on 2014 (^_^)

DAY 1 : TOP 5 BOOK BOY FRIENDS | Dec. 26th. 2013

5th Character : Augustus Waters
From “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green
Movies Adaptation played by Ansel Elgort
I really like Hansel and Augustus. Despite the translation edition I read feels like ‘lack-of-something’ ; I still love the whole idea of its story. But again, I don’t know about Ansel Elgort, is he the prefect candidate for Augustus roles ? How about Logan Lerman instead ? ( I know, it's already sets play by Ansel, but I can just imagine the different cast like this : )

4th Character : Alex Stewart
From “Where Rainbows End” by Cecelia Ahern
Movies Adaptation played by Sam Claflin
This cemestry and relationship between Alex and Rosie really touching and fill with mixed emotion. I did not sees the movies yet but I think Sam Claflin prefect as Alex Stewart along with Lily collins as Rosie Dunne ( ahh ... yes indeed for Finnick fans, he also play in Hunger Games and The Hobbit too )

3rd Character : Peeta Meelark
From “The Hunger Games Trilogy” by Suzanne Collins
Movies Adaptation played by Josh Hutcherson
My all–times favorite book series as well as the movies adaptation that so real, capture the essence of it’s characters. This whole main cast are prefectly suited the character in the book (if I can compare it to Harry Potter series, that so many ‘error’ and changes in the movies adaptation). The cemestry between Katnis and Peeta really good in the movie as well. And I think you’ll know that I’m Peeta Team (^_^) Josh Hutcherson really suitable plays as Peeta Meelark.  

2nd Character :  Lord Arthur Goring
From “An Ideal Husband” by Oscar Wilde
Movies Adaptation played by by Rupert Everett
I love-love-love Oscar Wilde’s works (even I just read a few of them), it’s so hillarious, unique, disturbing yet interesting somehow in weird ways. And if you catch several movies / plays adaptation, you’ll see Rupert Everett as well (I don’t know why, might be ‘coz he can translate Wilde’s works so precisely and very good indeed, I did not mean on regarding his sexual preference though)> Lord Arthur Goring is such gentleman and gossh, funny and clever too. And Rupert plays it very well, just remind me when I first ‘falling-love’ with him at ‘My Best Friend Weddings’ opposite Julia Roberts

1st Character : Atticus Finch
From “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee
Movies Adaptation played by Gregory Peck
I love the whole story and the movies adaptation did a very good job  as well ‘translating’ the idea of freedom and human rights. As for Gregory Peck, well he is a classic actor so his roles always having something added to the characters, but no complaining from me. Just (and still) love it (^_^)

So what’s your TOP 5 List on BBF / BGF ?

Best Regards,

Hobby Buku


  1. akkkk ada Augustus, sebenernya mau aku masukin juga tapi udah keburu lima kepilih yang lain, hiks. Sam Clafin cakep banget *elus-elus brewoknya* :p

    1. haha...pilih yg mana mbak *kepo* (blogwalking skrg kesana)

  2. Salam kenal, Kak Maria xD
    Aku setuju banget kalau Josh Hutcherson perfect as Peeta! #TeamPeeta

  3. Replies
    1. Lord Goring yang tidak Garing or Boring :D

  4. Awwwww ada Peeta!!!! I'm Team Peeta all the way XD taun depan kalo jadi baca ulang mockingbird, pasti atticus masuk di listku deh...hihi

    1. yesss again another #TeamPeeta :D
      klo aku sempat, mau coba baca ulang juga deh, ktm Atticus lagi

  5. Ah, Gus Waters......

    1. dehhh ... ini bagianku mbak :D di sana kan sudah banyak 'hot-stuff'

  6. Ihiy.. Augustus Waters masuk. Salah satu top boyfriendku tahun lalu :)

    1. Iya, suka juga sama Hazel, tipikal cewek 'tough'

  7. Jiyah, Tenyat The Fault in Our Stars udah difilmkan??
    Saya benar2 tergitinggal info.
    Wah, saya benar-benar beda nih nominatornya (>_<)
    Yang lain pada mampang foto cowok2 kece.
    saya malah mampang foto sampulnya..
    *pasrah aja*


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