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On the end of year 2013, as usual I’m posting several Wrap-Up Post on my Reading Challenge. But for fun, this time I’m joining (again) 2013 Book Caleidoscope host by Fanda. The main idea is to select which one is your favorite or choose for the themes provide by Fanda. Want to have some fun during holidays ? Let’s joining this whole event for five days straight to welcoming new year eve on 2014 (^_^)

Now it’s time to choose the best book cover, which is another difficult task to do. So many choices, many books cover are so good but I don’t like the story, or there is great books but I own the edition with ‘not-so-good’ cover design. So I decide to narrow-down just for the books that I really like after reading it and it also must have great book cover that makes me more interested to collect them. Since only the TOP 5 make it into the list, I’ll choose without gave some rating which one I like the most. So here is my five picks on Best Book Cover (with no peticuliary number) ...

DAY 3 : TOP 5 BEST BOOK COVERS | Dec. 28th. 2013

5th Cover :  
THE AGE OF MIRACLES by Karen Thompson Walker
Indonesian Edition by Gramedia Publisher ; First Edition in 2013 ; Cover art by Martin Dima

I got this from the publisher as request to review it, and it become my favorite too. From the gripping story about ‘fenomenal-changes’ in the world, when time-zone are not working as normal systems. When day suppose to be morning, the whole environment are dark like night-time, and just the opposite too. All living thing, human, animal and plant having troubles to adapted, ‘coz the world turn into ‘slow-motion’ in time. Not only the story so intense, it’s makes me scare thinking what if this happening in the future ?? The cover art are perfectly describe what the story about, if you read it the first chapter, that scenery capture into illustration and design for cover art. Again, I love the whole package.  

4th Cover :  
BLISS by Kathryn Littlewood
Indonesian Edition by Noura Books ; First Edition in 2012 ; Cover art by Iacopo Bruno

This book I bought from bookstore without knowing the storyline nor is it good or bad reading, simply falling in love with the cover, illustrations and can you believe the book are ‘blue’ ... like they use papers that ‘dip-into’ blue-paint first before made into one single book. And I’m so glad that the story also quite interesting and become my favorite. Unfortunately, the sequels are so great as I expected (both cover and the story)

3rd Cover : 
MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA by Arthur Golden
Indonesian Edition by Gramedia Publisher ; Eleventh Edition in 2007

This one already in my wishlist for so many years, and God’s really listen on my prayer, through event Secret Santa in 2012, I got this book with another book in my wishlist too. But this one are so special, simply ‘coz (again) so long I wanted this. And guess what, the story also so good, I even finished reading it in just couple days (it almost 500 pages). Great book, great cover, added in my collection (^_^) cc : thanks to my previous SS Sabrina

2nd Cover :  
THE THREE MUSKETEERS by Alexander Dumas Père
English Edition by Harper Collins Publisher ; First Edition in this version in 2011 ; Illustrations inside & cover art by Brett Helquist

When I look this edition first time in bookstore, my eyes goes to ‘illustrated edition’ ... that’s another weakness of me, i cannot resist the temptation on buying classic book specially with illustrations (which is mostly a rather expensive than reguler paperback), but this time it’s on bargain sale section (^0^) I think less than IDR 50 so I bought it instantly. And when it times to read it, I just realize is not the original completed version, is edited for common reader *sigh* But – still I really love having this book on my collections, both English and Indonesian version. Now awaits just next year, might be another generous Santa will gave me unabrigde version of this book *wishlist* xoxoxo

1st Cover :  
INKSPELL by Cornelia Funke
Indonesian Edition by Gramedia Publisher ; First Edition in 2012 ; Cover by Marcel A.W.

I really love INKHEART – the first instalment of Inkworld Trilogy, but waiting for the second book are really need a very passion person, ‘coz not until 3 year after first edition in 2009 release, this book finally coming out from the publisher. Quite a waiting indeed ...but I’m really happy the pulisher decided to use this edition cover art, so is gonna matching with the first book I already have (I hear a rumors that posponing the release date of this book in 2012, are back-down few month because of this final cover). This book are my ‘precious’ (now I’m like gollum) because the whole package are really good and makes me satisfied (and so much happy when got this as a gift too hohoho).

Now I already share my best pick for this categories, what’s your choices ? Don’t forget to blogwalking to sees others post too, it’s gonna be fun !!

Best Regards,

Hobby Buku


  1. aku sedang baca inkspell dan tersesat di dalamnya X)

  2. dari semua cover di atas paling suka Bliss :)

  3. Suka Bliss (it looks warm) dan Memoir of a Geisha.


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