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I must say, even though this year I finally read several Indonesian’s Literature, it doesn’t satisfied me, personally. Because the main-goal of this tasks are to explore ‘good’ and ‘great’ literature, which is I found-out so far beyond those criteria. That’s why I decide ‘not-to’ reading again (or even try) several populer genre that failed me from the very start-middle-ending. But I still wanna say thanks to our host for this event, Made Melani, who inspire me to even ‘try’ another selected reading that I never choose before. By this day, I can say that I already ‘taste’ several different genre on this literature. And next year, i still want to read another Indonesian’s Literature, but this time, I will carefully selected my choices of reading (^_^)

~ My completed (Read & Review) list ~
  1. Gadis Pantai – Pramoedya Ananta Toer
  2. Apartemen 666 – Sybill Affiat
  3. Camar Biru – Nilam Suri
  4. Refrain – Winna Efendi
  5. Mencari Tepi Langit – Fauzan Mukrim
  6. Catatan Musim – Tyas Effendi
  7. Dramaturgi Dovima – Faris Rachman-Hussain
  8. Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk – Ahmad Tohari
  9. Tangan Kelima – Christian Armantyo
  10. TOFI : Perburuan Bintang Sirius – Prof. Yohanes Surya
  11. My Cup of Tea – Nia  Nurdiansyah
  12. All You Can Eat – Christian Simamora
  13. Irine Shilling – Ginger Elyse Shelley
  14. Planetes – Ziggy Z
  15. Inginku – Sinta Sasika Novel
  16. Kau Memanggilku Malaikat - Arwensdo Atmowiloto

From all the list, my no. 1 favorite is “Gadis Pantai” by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, and how dissappointed when I came to the end of the story, just to be continue without any sequels (nor even the books)  to read, to find-out how the new life of this innocense girl, leaving her only baby to someone else  (-__-) ....

Best Regards,

Hobby Buku

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