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BOOK CALEIDOSCOPE 2012 : My Top Five Book Boys

Book Caleidoscope 2012
Ending this year of 2012 never completed without going through all the fun and good memories my experience with all the books I’ve been reading. So  it’s a perfect time for me to join  event Book Caleidoscope 2012 host by Fanda. It’s just for fun so let’s looking back on several choices I made. This event divide into 3 categories, and this is the first categories :


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5. Lincoln Rhyme
[ from The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver ]
Lincon Rhyme is one of main character in novel series, created by Jeffery Deaver. He is a specialist in crime forensic and the best skill detective in police department. Until one day, building collapse while he still inside, searching and analize the crime scene. The accident makes him paralysis from above – down. Being an active person this tragedy makes him frustate and trying to kill him self. But his sharp mind still fully function, so after some of his friend asking for consultant on several crime, he officially works as indepent forensic consultant. Assist by Amelia Sachs, young policewoman, who accidently stumble on crazy weird chase on serial killer, The Bone Collector is the first novel of Lincoln Rhyme series, that so popular, even the movie adaptation already make with the same title, starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

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4. Peeta Meelark
[ from Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins ]
While Edward-Jacob epidemi already become late news, on this year 2012 the Movie Hunger Games hit the chart with several hugh number. I’ve read this book many years ago, before the movie even speaks to be made, and just like I said to my BFF, this book should be huge because the story is so compelling with many feeling. It’s not about drama romance but more about fight and surviving. Do you believe when I said my heart already goes to Peeta Meelark character, even before I watch the movie ? And surprise surprise, I do like Josh Hutcherson who plays Peeta on Hunger Games movies, I think he had really ‘kind-eyes’ *blushing* 

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3. Prince Greening  Grandemalion ‘Po’
[ from Graceling by Kristin Cashore ]
This book release at the beginning of year 2012. I remember it quite well, because actually I’m waiting for Mockingjay (thirth book of Hunger Games trilogy), who postpone awaiting for the movies release. Surprisely, I really enjoy and like it this story to. A little bit remind me on Katnis Everdeen character, and the main character named Katsa (quite similar don’t you think?) and her journey to find the true meaning of life with really good looking man called by name ‘Po’ --- haha, I wonder why the author give such nick-name on this character. But if you read it, you can understand and maybe just like me, can help falling in love with him. Specially when he sacrifice his safety for some he care deeply. I ‘m waiting for the second book ‘cause at the end book one, Prince Po had serius injuries that makes him blind ...huhuhu *sorry spoiler alert* but like warriors, he train him self so no one suspicious on his blindness, except for Katsa ...

~ Jackson Ratbone ~[ source ]
2. Eugenedines ‘Gen’
[ from The Thief by Megan Whallen Turner ]
I put The Thief from bookshelf, simply because this book recommended and got Newbery Award nomination. On the first book, I got bored and this book end-up back in my shelf. After a view month, the second and third book release, so I give it a try once more to re-read and finished it. What a surprise, ‘cause I enjoy it the story, and the second even the thirth book got better and better. I falling in love with the main character Gen, who like everybody thing on first book, just a common thief that seek his freedom from jail by doing a special mission from The King. But Gen more than just a thief, he protected by Thief God named Eugenides (he named after the great God), and he not a common at all. He is a royal heritance who refuse to take control on power, and choose to remain silent behind his Queen, also his beloved cousin. But Gen who always act like spoil brat, actually a man with good heart and great vision. He sacrifice his freedom and all the fun in his life, to protect woman he falling in love since a very young age. Even the woman is the enemy of his kingdom, even this woman who also ordering the terrible punishment that makes him ‘criply’ for the rest of his life. But don’t  judge him as a stupid man who blind-side with his love. Eugenides had burden ‘cause he choose by Gods to suffer for the safety humankind in the future.

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1. August “Auggie” Pullman
[ from Wonder by R.J. Palacio ]
No. 1 on my list is a boy named Auggie. He is not a handsome boy nor attractive one. He special because since the he born, all the normal part of human body , specially in the face, are not include as a complete package. He had situation called ‘Mandibulofacial Dysostosis’ so even through several plastic surgery, his face still like an alien from outer space. First I think this is just another stories about a boy who born with unnatural condition. But page after page, I really fall on Auggie. Not just feeling sorry on his condition, but the author write this story like reading diary, or imagine you had face-to-face talking with this character. Auggie who born with unprefect face, bless with many talented, his brain suppeerrr (I think he can be categories as an genius), not only smart, he is kind-gentle kid, his sense of humour keep the balance on his life. I think God really created Auggie condition so people can see the beauty on human being, not by looking the outside, but looking inside his eyes, and feeling his heart. Auggie is a special kid send from heaven in the jungle of cruel hatred unsatisfied people. Never ever I read such an emotional book like Wonder.

Best Regards,
* Hobby Buku * 


  1. Whoaa...Lincoln Rhyme, the strong and genius man! And Denzel Washington is the perfect actor for Rhyme.

    1. hihi iya, padahal aslinya dia kan bukan kulit hitam, tapi klo Denzel yang main woke-woke aja, keren sich :D Coba dia juga main jadi Alex Cross-nya James Patterson< Morgan Freeman kan ketuaaann *hicks*

  2. aku juga suka sama Augie dan Po,mbak


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