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BOOK CALEIDOSCOPE 2012 : My Top Five Most Favorite Books

Book Caleidoscope 2012
Ending this year of 2012 never completed without going through all the fun and good memories my experience with all the books I’ve been reading. So  it’s a perfect time for me to join  event Book Caleidoscope 2012 host by Fanda. It’s just for fun so let’s looking back on several choices I made. This event divide into 3 categories, and this is the thirth and final categories :


I had so many favorite books, each of them fill with different themes, different stories. If some one called me as a books collector, I prefer named as a ‘stories-collector’ – because until today, I still fascinating with stories inside those books, and who knows how many books I’ve read since I learn how to spell A, B, C. So after changing several times, here is my pick on Top Five Most Favorites Books (maybe if added as 10 or 20 books will suited very well ho ho *grin*)

5. "The Thirteenth Tale"
[ by Diane Setterfield ]
I never find stories that so disturbing yet really beautiful in the way you can sees something unique, something different, but it happens in reality. From the beginning, middle until the end, I still cannot get-ride-out this story from my minds. This is a perfect example when just sometimes, you’ll get a unique characters, plot, setting and not the mention the way the author ‘show’ her reader, a journey about the life that forgotten. I always love stories about history, but this one also give me a ‘chill’ just by put in my imagination.

[ link to my review in here : The Thirteenth Tale ]

4. "The Book of Lost Things"
[ by John Connolly ]
If you already read The Thirthteen Tale, you should read this book too. This is my first encounter with John Connolly’s books, and since then I  become a fans. His way showing the stories, drama or even thriller is beyond imagination. Only few authors I know had special talent to give the reader an extraordinary stories. If Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock had weird way to describe a story, and Neil Gaiman or Phillip Pullman can turn your head simply by give you a fascinating fantasy, then John Connoly are mixed of them, not the mention ‘the dark-humour’ he puts on his book. The Book of lost Things are story about young boy who found him self di world of fabel and legend, but prepare your mind, ‘cause it’s not a common children stories nor fairy tales. It’s so dark and vivid, a little bit remind me on Grimm’s Fairy Tales. You know the Chronicles of Narnia are not a children stories, C.S. Lewis turn the worse of World War into this stories. And that also John Connolly’s character in this stories.

[ link to my review in here : The Book of Lost Things ]

3. "Uncle Tom’s Cabin"
[ by Harriet Beecher Stowe ]
It’s a classic story, and I had this book on my shelf for several years, only when I read Gone With The Wind, my curiosities on Civil War and slavery, makes me pick-up this book. This book so good and all those quotation, really makes me want to ‘highlight’ mostly of them. And this book written many-many-many years ago ... WOW. And I’m not talking about the topic slavery, but the way the author give a simple paragraph, a simple quotation, just makes me thinking, very hard about how you see on the purpose of your life. I cannot describe how good this book is, just simply suggest, read the book. Never mind about how may pages you had to read, ‘cause when you ‘into to’ the book, times flies, and those pages are gone.

[ link to my review in here : Uncle’s Tom Cabin ]

[ by Andy Mulligan ]
I already pick this book on the best book covers, and here the good news, inside story also really good. After reading this book, I had undenied need to share it with others, so in this year I also having a giveaway on this book. Not many author can put a simple theme into extra-ordinary story.  

[ link to my review in here : TRASH ]

[ by R.J. Palacio ]
Well, what can I say about this book. Good !! Great !! Wonderful !! Extraordinary !! Unforgetable !! Really makes me cry when it so sad and even when happy. Why ?? Because Auggie can makes you feel those things. If I had bad days, I remeber this story, I don’t know if it’s true of just fictional,  and I don’t care. Because there’s many different Auggie in this world, and I should feeling bless and thankfull on each days I life by, good, bad or even worse, Auggie can give a positive energy and clear my mind on how I looks everything (specially all the negative one). If you haven’t read this book, after this just go to the near / close bookstore, bought it and read it. Me, my self can guarantee you gonna love it (and maybe crying too).  Don’t waste your time by reading ‘junk-useless’ book, just pick one like Wonder !! \(^_^)/

Best Regards,
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  1. aku sukaaaa semua buku yg ada list top five-mu, mbak. Sayangnya (kecuali Wonder) semua buku itu aku baca tahun2 lalu, jd bakal masuk list tahun ini. Padahal klo iya kan tinggal copas listmu aja #eh X)

    1. hihi, copas, pakai komisi 20 % ya :D ini salah satu contoh hasil menimbun, sudah bertahun-tahun baru sempat dibaca *hicks* padahal buku bagus-bagus malah ditumpuk

  2. Wew...sampe pake tanda "!" 12x....
    Aku suka juga Uncle Tom's Cabin, hiks...nangis waktu baca itu..

  3. Setuju sama wonder :D

    *jd inget belum buat reviewnya*

  4. Ada 2 dari buku di atas dalam daftar bacaan saya tahun depan :)


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